Michelle Catherine

Mantra Meditation with Personal Instruction

This beginner mantra meditation course is perfect for the individual seeking a more personalized introduction to meditation. Whether you are looking for a spiritual practice or a more secular approach, this 90-minute session will focus on you and your specific goals. 

Couples, friends and family members are encouraged to learn together. Learning with a friend or in a group deeply enhances the meditation experience and offers everyone the opportunity to establish their practice together, and to reconnect and bond collectively as a group. 

Families or groups of 4 or more are welcome to Host a Group.
Learn to meditate with your closest friends and family and create a regular practice together!

The Technique

Mantra meditation is an ancestral practice that has roots in the ancient traditions of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism. The earliest mantras date back to the Vedic period and are over 4000 years old! This ancient form of meditation combines deep relaxation with alert mental awareness in order to restore and maintain balance. It allows the nervous system to self-regulate and release stress that is stored on a cellular level.

The silent repetition of a mantra creates a diversion in your thought flow patterns and allows the mind to focus. As you meditate, the mantra will become more abstract and indistinct, allowing you to experience deeper levels of awareness. 

Your Mantra

Your mantra is a carefully constructed sequence of Sanskrit sounds that are silently repeated in your mind, just as a thought. It resonates on a cellular level with your nervous system in order to release stress. Your nervous system naturally changes as you age, and so your mantra is determined by the age you are when you receive it. 

What to Expect

This 90-minute instruction will provide you with all of the tools needed for beginning your very own home practice. Instruction is tailored to the individual, and learning the technique is so simple, you can practice anytime and in any place.


New location coming soon in Edmonton. Current instruction provided via Zoom by appointment.