Group drop-in meditation

Join us every first Wednesday of the month for a relaxing and inspiring evening of mantra meditation.

In meditation we consciously cultivate an expanded sense of awareness. A sense of clarity, of purpose. This is our natural state of being, and every time we dip into meditation, we strengthen the link between 'effortless being' and being in the realities of everyday life. And this is how we begin to live. Through cultivating awareness we break the cycle of negativity. What we think and feel is no longer our reference point. Instead we come from a deeper sense of knowing, from our heart.

Hosted by Ian Hayward and Michelle Catherine Stady

Drop-in Group Meditation St. Albert & Edmonton

Pre-requisite for this drop-in event is Mantra Meditation.

Looking for a mantra?

If you don't already have a mantra, then jump right in and sign up for Mantra Meditation or Learn Online.
If you have a personal mantra—Vedic, TM, Primordial Sound or otherwise—then please register here (only required for the first drop-in.)