Meditation for World Peace

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Most of us are already familiar with some of the benefits of meditation: it reduces stress held in your nervous system; strengthens your immune system by reducing blood pressure and lowering cholesterol levels; it dramatically improves quality of sleep and can help treat insomnia; it actually slows the aging process by reducing the body's production of free radicals; helps to relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression and overall it improves creativity, compassion, memory and focus. 

Every day we hear more and more about this amazing technique. Deepak Chopra, Oprah, Dr. Oz, Jerry Seinfeld: they all rave about the benefits of meditation. So I'm curious: why aren't we all doing it?

Is it the busy lives we lead? Not making enough time in the day? Afraid to try something new? For me, meditation is the one thing I can count on every day to give me the energy I need throughout the day. More important though, it's helped me overcome postpartum depression in a way that no drug ever could. So just like I brush my teeth every morning and evening, I meditate every morning and afternoon. Don't get me wrong, I didn't start out that way. But the more I meditated, the better I felt and the more I could do (like preparing a healthy meal or playing with my girls or folding laundry or relaxing with a book without stressing over all the other stuff.)

Study after study convinces me that meditation is something every human being should learn to do. One study from the Journal of Offender Rehabilitation shows that meditation has been linked to reducing terrorism by a whopping 72%. So what do you think, can group meditation cause world peace? A group of 70,000 people from 150 different countries seem to think so as they gathered together for a mass meditation at theWorld Cultural Festival.

While our little meditation group is no match for Berlin's Olympiastadion, I would love to see what we could do if we gathered as many of us together once every month for a group meditation session.

Join us!

So bring a friend, get a mantra from Ian (if you don't already have one), and join us at 7:30pm every first Wednesday of the month for a truly unique group meditation experience!

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